Top 7 Best SUV Electric Car Under 60 Lakhs in 2022

By Abhijit JHa

Oct, 20 2022

As seen, there is a lot of demand for electric cars in the coming time and all the companies are bringing their EV car into the market.

So there is bound to be competition between the company but it is going to benefit the customers a lot.

If you are also planning to get an EV car in 2022, then know about all these 7 cars and then decide which one to take.

Tata Nexon EV Starting Price: ₹14.99 - 17.5 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 312 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: 8.5 Hrs Torque: 245 Nm Power: 127 bhp Boot Space: 350L

Tata Nexon EV Max Starting Price: ₹18.34 - 19.84 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 437 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: 8.5 Hrs Torque: 250 Nm Power: 141 bhp Boot Space: 350L

MG ZS EV Starting Price: ₹22.58 - 26.60 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 461 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: 8.5-9Hrs Torque: 280 Nm Power: 173 bhp Boot Space: 448L

Hyundai Kona Electric Starting Price: ₹23.79 - 23.98 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 452 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: 6Hrs Torque: 395 Nm Power: 134 bhp Boot Space: 332L

BYD E6 Starting Price: ₹29.15 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 415 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: 2Hrs Torque: 180 Nm Power: 94 bhp Boot Space: 580L

Volvo XC40 Recharge Starting Price: ₹55.90 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 418 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: NA Torque: 660 Nm Power: 405 bhp Boot Space: 419L

Kia EV6 Starting Price: ₹59.95 - 64.95 Lakh Ex-Show Range: 528 Km/Full Charge Charging Time: 73 MIN Torque: 650 Nm Power: 320 bhp Boot Space: 520L

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